Allied trades

 As printing has long been one of Scotland’s most significant industries, there have also been many companies in Scotland supplying the industry’s needs.

Papermaking, for example, was a major industry in its own right, originally concentrated in areas with a good supply of water both as a raw material and to power the machinery. In Edinburgh, mills were concentrated on the Water of Leith and just outside the city along the River Esk through Midlothian.

Scotland was also home to ink makers, typefounders and printing machine makers who supplied the industry throughout the UK and beyond. The archive of William McCance , artist and typographer, is in the National Library of Scotland (ref Acc.7631.), as is the archive of Ruari Mclean (refs Acc.11071; Acc.11072; Acc.11090; Acc.11370; Acc.11466; Acc.11491; Acc.11574; Acc.11602; Acc.12125; Acc.12399; Acc.12717; Dep.362).