All Scottish Printing Archival Trust publications are can be purchased through the online shop. If you prefer, you can download a publications order form. Available titles:

  • Mechanical to digital printing in Scotland: the print employers’ organisation by Professor John Gennard. Scottish Printing Archival Trust / Graphic Enterprise Scotland, 2010. ISBN-13: 978-09563043-1-5
  • 500 years of printing in Scotland. 2009. ISBN-13: 978-0-9563043-0-8
  • Reputation for excellence series
    •  Edinburgh, 1990. ISBN: 0 95112667 9
    • Glasgow, 1994. ISBN: 1 872800 06 8
    • Dundee and Perth, 1996. ISBN: 1 872800 11 4
    • Aberdeen and Northern Counties, 2000. ISBN: 1 872800 56 4

The Trust has also published the Edinburgh Printing Trail Leaflet and Rules for Compositors, a facsimile poster of printing chapel rules from the eighteenth century.

Images of Scotland’s first printed books are available online, as well as images of other works from Chepman and Myllar’s press, such as the Aberdeen Breviary. The National Library of Scotland has an online exhibition of Scottish book bindings and hosts a site showing the spread of printing in Scotland and also hosts the Scottish Book Trade Index. City of Edinburgh’s heritage as a centre of printing is celebrated at Edinburgh, City of Print

Some companies published histories to commemorate milestones in their development. The Trust has scanned or transcribed a number of these, which are available on the Printing Companies page. Brochures and catalogues produced by suppliers to the industry can also shed light on industrial practices. Unions also produced rule books and periodicals for their members: again some of these have been scanned and are available on the Trade Unions page. Online exhibitions and other websites of interest are listed on the links page through the menu on the left.

Institutions across Scotland have material in their collections relevant to the printing and allied trades – a list of those identified so far can be found on the archives page.

The main menu has a link to our bibliography of works on the Scottish printing industry.

Copies of the Trust’s Annual Reports, and copies of the printed newsletter are available to download.