Mechanical to digital printing in Scotland: the print employers’ organisation


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John Gennard

A hundred years ago, twenty three delegates from all over Scotland met in the North British Hotel, Edinburgh, and founded the Scottish Alliance of Masters in the Printing and Allied Trades, later known as the Scottish Master Printers Society and the Scottish Print Employers Federation, and now known as Graphic Enterprise Scotland.
The author skilfully portrays the history of the organisation though its changes of name and a century of technological change. It explores the changing relationships with the print unions and with the printing employers’ organisation based in London, and will be of interest to historians of twentieth century industrial relations as well as those interested in the printing industry.
The late John Gennard was Emeritus Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Strathclyde Business School.
Published by the Scottish Printing Archival Trust in association with Graphic Enterprise Scotland, November 2010. Soft cover, 229x152mm, 512pp.

ISBN: 978-0-9563043-1-5

This titles has been reviewed in the journals Business History, and the Edinburgh Bibliographical Journal